Hello. This is the personal space of spk121.

It is the home of the Finishing Things Manifesto v1.0.

The Finishing Things Manifesto v1.0

  • I will write as little code as possible.
  • I will sensibly and liberally use common libraries and components.
  • I will read and completely understand common libraries I plan to use before I start coding.
  • I will adapt my design to the strengths and constraints created by the libraries and components I use, instead of wrangling them into matching my vision.
  • I will not concern myself with portability until after the program is complete.
  • I will not concern myself about my program being hard to build or stage until after it is complete.
  • I will just accept that GNU Autotools for GNU/Linux and MSBuild on Windows are the best available build tools.

It is the canonical home of several coding projects.