Yesterday, I wrote how I needed to get back to finding the social element in everything. Supposedly newly dedicated, today I could have gone to church, but, I didn't. Usually when I'm bailing on going to church, it is because I have some weak argument about how this is not really the church for me and that I should find a different church. But that is an excuse.

I did jump on the bike -- on Purple -- and did a ride up to Los Angeles St. in DTLA to look at the neighborhood. I've seen a listing for a loft that piqued my curiosity. The neighborhood was passable, but probably about three blocks too far east: too close to the Skid Row nightmare. It was passable, but, not a place to which I could imagine myself inviting company.

The rest of the day was wasted. Some terrible Neflix show and a tedious JRPG called Soul Hackers 2. Last night, I got Lonely Cactus updated to Fedora 36. Also, I spent a bit of time trying to get Lonely Cactus's Apache server functioning. IPv4 HTTP seems working, but, no IPv6 and an expired security certificate on the SSL.