PnB Rock

With the heat broken and humidity from Hurricane Kay slowly fading, it was almost pleasant outside today, for those few brief moments I stepped out of the bedroom office. Morning new still dominated by the death of the Queen. I had much respect for her, but, clearly she was not capable of gently influencing the UK government to not be insane over the last couple of decades.

For work, I was supposed to be doing requirements today, which is quite dull. I was easily distracted and ended up going down a rabbit hole researching the newly deceased PnB Rock, a rapper of middling renknown who was shot and killed at the Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in South Central. May God have mercy on his soul, and may his killer be brought to justice. There were many opinions on the internet about why; but, most agreed that Drill Music and Instagram / Tik Tok bling culture just puts a target on the back of anyone in hip hop that has some public success.

So, after wasting much of the day, the few hours of me time after 5:00 that we Americans are allowed were instead spent doing my day job, leaving me to fail to accomplish my workout, my self care, and any attempt at finding the social element in my life.

Then having failed, I allowed myself to lean into my sense of failure and abnegation with Soul Hackers 2, the most repetitive video game I've played in some time. I got spanked at the 2nd Iron Mask battle, and I forsee several hours of grinding and gearing ahead of me.

I did a tiny bit of work on guile-ncurses: my first commit in three years. I also learned that you can use a single Apache instance to serve multiple web pages by having multiple document roots. Someday soon I'll point my sad blog of feelings to Spiky and my technical to Lonely.

I used to be capable of reading. Remember reading? I'm thinking about adding daily themes to the blog: religion on Mondays, relearning math on Tuesdays. I mean, no one will ever read this -- I'm just complaining into the void -- so how can I make this space a uncommercial as possible.

Or maybe I'll post pics of my bling.

I forgot that I had intended to add a daily picture to each entry.