Anything but Work

Another humid day, but, Hurricane Kay has almost faded away.

I just spend all day in my room, trying to work, not working, and not leaving the desk because I've done nothing. Tomorrow, I'll be found out for a fraud, but, still that doesn't break through my attention deficit.

In the service of not working, I updated guile-ncurses, trying to get it to build on Fedora, OpenBSD, Cygwin, and MinGW. OpenBSD required installing it on VirtualBox. Success on the first three, but failure on the last one. Guile on MinGW has always been garbage.

Much discussion with Mom about bed frames and shower chairs. Since she never leaves the house, these details are highly significant to her, although boring to me.

So hot in my bedroom with the humidity, the sunshine, and the many computers running at all times.