Bro and Mom barely speak now. Bro is nearly mute. Mom tries to interact, asking hopefully benign questions. Bro feels interrogated and shuts down more. Mom needles bro hoping for any sort of human reaction. Bro stays in room all day watching TV, avoiding contact.

I have never been a curtains person. I've always felt the neighborhood is safer if people can see in the house and know that I'm there watching. Mom has always been a curtains person, worried that people might be looking in. Thus at night, Mom would move a three-panel japanese screen in front of the street-facing windows, and then move them away in the morning to let light in. She would drag the screen along the floor, making a noise.

Bro and Mom had a fight over the screen, specifically the noise from dragging the screen each morning. Bro threatened to throw away screen. (My screen, for the record.) This led to me putting in curtain rods and curtains, the lightest curtains I could find. This was another "easy" chore that took all weekend, mostly because of the need to hem the curtain panels.

I am annoyed that to mitigate Bro and Mom's conflict over the Japanese screen, I was the one that spent hours at the sewing machine. I was the one that missed the whole weekend, while Bro spent time with friends.

Thus, codependent behavior continues.