Around 7:30, I took the Expo Line into DTLA and then hoofed it a few blocks west to Teragram. As per usual, the Expo Line was filty, given that it is more a daycare for homeless than an actual means of transportation. Food waste and trash everywhere.

I've been watching Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and I think maybe it is documentary instead of fiction. But I digress.

Anyway, at Teragram a cajun band from Louisiana was doing a Pogues tribute night. I went there alone with all the awkwardness and self-conciousness that is usually associated with the realization that you are running low on friends.

The band started with a five song set of Cajun music, which was really good fun, and a change of pace. And then they started the Pogues tunes. A lot were deep cuts, and I'm not a super fan, so I only recognized three songs.

I was surprised that I could recall almost all the lyrics to "If I should fall from grace with god", a song that I once loved but hadn't thought anything about in decades. They also did Dirty Old Town, and London Calling.

Not an epic night, but, I did actually get out there, so, I'll take the win.