K Line

Eager to check out the new K Line, I hopped on around mid-day and headed south. The K Line is lovely in every possible way: the subway stations are clean and quality. Everyone on the train was enthusiastic about the new infrastructure. It was great to have a little bit of a win, for once, in this decaying city.

Just to have a destination to go to, I headed for Randy's Donuts out in Westchester. I managed to cajole Brian into meeting me there. He and his son had just come from the fair where serious parents got at it -- Hunger Games style -- to try to get their kid into a decent kindergarten.

It was cool to meet up with Brian there, because that sort of quick whimsical meetup is actually rather difficult to pull off in a town like this. Usually getting two people in the same place is so painful, that it is only worth it for a real event.

There is a real sense of loss when I hang out with my friends with kids. I almost had that, but, luck was rarely on my side, and when I did have it, I fucked it up.