Cousin Brandon dropped by on the way to Disneyland, with his wife and two little girls. We went to the local park for a bit, and then came back to the house for some pizza and soda. It was good to seem them again. In my 20 years here, they'd never been to the house.

The girls are hyper, and my house is full of adult things. It was a bit funny to seem them wander around, making a path of destruction. I let them play the guitar and ukulele, and with some dominoes, which is all I have that might be used as a toy.

We talked of the future, of church, and of the family. There isn't much of the family left anymore. All of the previous generation is gone except Don, Mom, and Janie. And of my generation, the cousins have all left Los Angeles County, owing to the literal impossibility of thriving here.