Saturday, I had a chance to spend time with Tyler, my former foster kid. Since all of the videogames in the place are put away due to ongoing construction chaos, I though to take him to the Peterson Automotive Museum. I was worried if he'd take an interest in it, because it was a museum, but, by keeping up a quick pace, it came out okay.

From there I drove a couple of hours down to Carlsbad to camp overnight at the state beach there. There was beers and bonfire and conversation.

They do tend have a dark view of the world, and -- rather than challenging their dark view -- I take it as given, and interact given their dark view as a starting point. Taking other's axioms as acceptable is common for me, because, to be honest, I've never been too bothered that people see my beliefs as credible. Nor have I found much value in trying to challenge anyone's world view. Almost no one knows what I actually believe about anything because I don't care that they do know. But this time, I did make a couple of jabs, which was uncharacteristic of me.

To be honest, I think the world of ideas is mostly bullshit, not that, as a Doctor of Philosophy of Theoretical Physics, I can't philosophize until the cows come home if I so choose. Ideas are pointless unless they lead to actions, and actions and interactions are what matter.

Someday, I should not concede my axioms and make others begin where I'm at, just to see what happens.

Or not.