Discipline has collapsed over the last couple of weeks, when I needed it.

I should note that the big event of the last couple of weeks was the Math for America fundraiser. Mayor Garcetti was there, and another outgoing city councilman. As well as several other rich dudes and bigwigs.

I've met them all. No one remembers me, of course. That's the thing about these sorts of gatherings: everyone is polished and kind and lovely at making small talk so you might be fooled into thinking that they are friendly, but really they're just making small talk like they know is expected in that sort of situation. Sometimes, when chatting with someone I'd met a dozen times who clearly doesn't remember me, I just want to start spouting back all the stuff they've told me over the years, but, whatever. In truth I should remember that I was invited for free to have a lovely meal in a lovely restaurant holding an event for a worthy cause, and everything about the event is more important than how it hurts my feelings that no one remembers me.

National Novel Writing Month is not going great. I'm trying to write a mystery, but, I can't seem to make an outline of a plot that I like.

I've fallen into a bit of obsession with some nonsense coding, and am now actually tring to package something as an MSIX. This is remarkably compilicated. Microsoft makes odd decisions.