Table of Contents

1 Social Integration

Attempt to create a social life for myself.

1.1 Dentistry

My bad teeth are a social barrier.

1.2 Fitness

The fact that I am overweight is a social barrier.

1.2.1 Weights

M/W/F after work

1.2.2 Cardio


2 Website

Nominally 5am Let's get my website back in shape

2.1 TODO Use Pelican

Let's use Pelican as the static website generator for the blog content.

2.2 For the Gram

Create some Instagram-worthy project. I like the idea of climbing all the local peaks. Or restarting something like GeoHashing. Or getting back into surfing.

2.3 Blog Archaeology

Put some of the old information up on the blog.

3 Code

Nominally 6am

3.1 guile-ncurses

3.2 guile-curl

3.3 guile-gi

3.4 spreadsheet

3.5 terminal

4 House

4.1 Soundproofing

4.1.1 Carpet for bedrooms

4.2 Garage

4.2.1 Drywall

4.2.2 Flooring

Author: Mike Gran

Created: 2022-07-06 Wed 06:10