An Ocotillo in Anza Borrego

About Lonely Cactus

This website, Lonely Cactus, was once going to be the home for a company. Mike had some big ideas, and was going to change the world. But, then he got sick. And since Mike was an American and thus needed medical insurance, he got a proper engineering job so he could go to the doctor without going bankrupt. Now he works in the aerospace industry.

Now this is just Mike’s home on the web. That being said, if you want a job at Lonely Cactus, feel free to send your resume. He can’t pay you any money, but, he’ll give you complete freedom to work on anything you like and let you set your own goals and deadlines.

So What is This About?

There is a generational divide now, and those on my side of the divide are getting old. It may be hard to imagine now, but once only the very few were allowed a voice beyond the world of their family and close friends. Now anyone can post their story for the world to see. Many of us do. It is so commonplace now: miracles become mere wonders; wonders become boring.

Now we drown in the snippets of stories of strangers and friends alike, all distributed electronically in screens and doodads we carry around in our pockets. It is easier to consume the stories of all the world than it is to buy a box of cereal or some eggs.

But I was there from the beginning of the web: before Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Before lolcats. I used usenet and gopher. I had e-mail before the term ‘spam’ had been coined, and before it became a common practice. I “browsed the web” before the NCSA Mosaic even exsisted. I used both a VT220 and a 14.4 kbaud modem non-ironically.

I too have a story, and this website will link you to as much of my story as I dare share.