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  1. Imposter

    I pushed a new release of guile-ncurses out the door. As per usual, I didn't manage to get all the details on the announcement email correct.

    I don't know how many days in a row I can say that I failed to do exercise, or social. Just computer screens.

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  2. Anything but Work

    Another humid day, but, Hurricane Kay has almost faded away.

    I just spend all day in my room, trying to work, not working, and not leaving the desk because I've done nothing. Tomorrow, I'll be found out for a fraud, but, still that doesn't break through my attention deficit.

    In …

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  3. PnB Rock

    With the heat broken and humidity from Hurricane Kay slowly fading, it was almost pleasant outside today, for those few brief moments I stepped out of the bedroom office. Morning new still dominated by the death of the Queen. I had much respect for her, but, clearly she was not …

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  4. DTLA

    Yesterday, I wrote how I needed to get back to finding the social element in everything. Supposedly newly dedicated, today I could have gone to church, but, I didn't. Usually when I'm bailing on going to church, it is because I have some weak argument about how this is not …

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  5. Tension

    It is already September and I've accomplished nothing I had planned for myself for 2022: no fitness, no album, no writing, no progress. The black dog of despondency is gnawing at my heels.

    Usually at these times I imagine some future event or milestone that will help be break out …

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  6. After Gym

    Yesterday, I actually went to the gym. I took it super easy, just a couple of machines. I'm still completely sore today. I knew that it was going to be horrible. I'm so angry at myself that I let myself give up and end up here, but, I had to …

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